Her Sense - Women, Technology and Intervention

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Project: Round Table

Sun developed an online networking platform called Round Table that fosters team-building and outlines frameworks for technological entrepreneurship.

The target audience for the platform is young female professionals, graduate and undergraduate students who want to build a start-up after leaving school, and young mothers, staying at home, but who also want to maintain their professional growth.

The first-time experience of the app let’s users choose their expertise, and then displays the teams that the user might be interested in, based on that expertise.

If users don’t want to join an existing team, they can choose to build a team. Here, they can create a topic or a theme—the business framework will be provided—and then invite people with different backgrounds to contribute to the team. May envisions Round Table as a platform that will create opportunities for its members to learn and gain experience from one another—to share, build, and support one another.

May believes in a great future for women and technology, and hopes that her thesis work will both support women, and inspire a new generation for a future in technology.